Bolgatty Event Centre

+ADw-script src+AD0AIg- type+AD0AIg-text/javascript+ACIAPgA8-/script+AD4- +ADw-script type+AD0AIg-text/javascript+ACIAPg- function initialize() +AHs- if (GBrowserIsCompatible()) +AHs- var map +AD0- new GMap2(document.getElementById(+ACI-map+AF8-canvas+ACI-))+ADs- map.setCenter(new GLatLng(9.984462,76.267133), 15)+ADs- map.setUIToDefault()+ADs- var point +AD0- new GLatLng(9.984462,76.267133)+ADs- map.addOverlay(new GMarker(point))+ADs- map.openInfoWindow(map.getCenter(), document.createTextNode(+ACI-Bolgatty Palace+ACI-))+ADs- +AH0- +AH0- window.onload+AD0-initialize+ADs- window.onunload+AD0-GUnload+ADs- +ADw-/script+AD4- +ADw-h1+AD4-Reach Us+ADw-/h1+AD4- +ADw-br /+AD4- +ADw-div id+AD0AIg-map+AF8-canvas+ACI- style+AD0AIg-width: 100+ACUAOw-height: 360px+ACIAPgA8-/div+AD4- +ADw-br /+AD4- +ADw-p+AD4APA-b+AD4-By road:+ADw-/b+AD4APA-br /+AD4- Reach High Court Jetty and proceed via the Goshree bridge to reach Bolgatty Palace (5 minutes).+ADw-br /+AD4- +ADw-br /+AD4- +ADw-b+AD4-By ferry:+ADw-/b+AD4APA-br /+AD4- 5 minutes by ferry across the backwaters from High Court Jetty Ernakulam. Contact over +ADw-br /+AD4- 484-2750500, 2750600 for free ferry service for both check-in and check-out.+ADw-br /+AD4- +ADw-br /+AD4- Nearest bus terminal: Ernakulam, about 5 Km+ADw-br /+AD4- Nearest railway stations: Ernakulam Jn, about 6 Km/Ernakulam Town, about 5 Km+ADw-br /+AD4- Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, about 40 km+ADw-/p+AD4-
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